Les détails font la perfection et la perfection n'est pas un détail.
Léonard de Vinci

vendredi 17 décembre 2010

Small treasures

from Elisabeth Causeret :

and from Dominique Autin :
I bought it at the Paris Création show held in November in Paris.

I am working very hard on my new project : my brother's birthday present. But nothing I can show you yet.

Cheers to all of my dear readers !

mercredi 8 décembre 2010

Where do you think I live ?

No, I don't live in Moscow, nor in Warsaw. Neither in Anchorage.
A clue ? The name of my city begins with a P and ends with an S.
You want more ? The city of lights.
You might have recognize the Place des Vosges on the pictures but for sure you have never seen it so white ! And if so you know I am living in Paris !
Just incredible ! About 10 centimeters of pure and white snow in the garden. But ugly and melty on the pavement ...

dimanche 5 décembre 2010

Love at first sight

for this wonderful, amazing, stunning Japanese artist : Mariko Kusumoto.

Go there and there and try not to miss one picture nor one video !
It is just fabulous. An artwork full of magical poetry yet technicality. 
I wish I could see her work here in Paris.
Mariko : you made my day today for the announcing 2011 year. Thank you for being what you create.
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