Les détails font la perfection et la perfection n'est pas un détail.
Léonard de Vinci

vendredi 25 janvier 2013

Am I ready for the Dollhouse Festival ?

Honestly, I am never ready !!!
What is sure is that I am taking the train to London tomorrow morning ...
Here is my very last furniture (this one will remind you something) :

Wish you a nice freezing week-end ;-)

mardi 22 janvier 2013

City of London Dollshouse Festival

Catherine and I will be attending the very new show organized in the center of London :

The festival is held in the The Tower Hotel, St Katherine’s Way, London E1W 1LD the 27th of January.
I hope I will meet many of you !
Here are a few pictures of my last work :

samedi 5 janvier 2013

My new year gift to you !

Here are a few blogs or websites I found while surfing.
I loved them and I thought you might also liked them. Just click on each pictures to discover their wonderful work.

Nicol Sayre

Camille Allen

I wish you a wonderful and magical new year !
Many, many hugs to all of you !

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