Les détails font la perfection et la perfection n'est pas un détail.
Léonard de Vinci

samedi 7 juillet 2012

What's new in my workshop ?

Since the SIMP, I am working on a small greenhouse that could take place very close my Lilla Hyttnäs cottage.
I had great time working on the aged look of the construction.
Here are a few pictures of the front :

As it is almost time for holidays, I don't know when I will be able to post. But anyway, I will try to stay tuned and see all your wonderful and inspirational blogs.
Have great time !

8 commentaires:

  1. Ha... Bah voilà une petite nouveauté , parce que moi qui suis ton blog je ne sais plus sur combien de projets tu travailles actuellement ?? très beau rendu du bois pour cette futur serre , Ho lala , je sens la fabrication de fleurs , plantes qui s'annoncent !!!

  2. The greenhouse is looking great. Have a wonderful time on your holiday.

  3. This looks like an exciting project, unfortunately your lovely photos have only teased my curiosity.....the aging looks perfect, I shall await an update....even if it will be after you holidays. Enjoy your holiday where ever it is may be!

    Linda x

  4. La patine est magnifique . Joli devoir de vacances . Vive les prochaines photos !

  5. The aged finish is wonderful!
    I will wait to see the continuation of this beautiful project. ;)
    Have great holidays!

  6. Hmmm, that looks really very nice. The color and proportions of just this small section make me a bit sad you're going on holiday (as i'm keen to see evolve) But hey! It is this time of year for some Relaxation and Recovery, so i wish you a wonderful break! Ou de très bonnes vacances


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