Les détails font la perfection et la perfection n'est pas un détail.
Léonard de Vinci

samedi 30 avril 2011

The dresser is on its way ...

to be continued ...
Have a nice labor day ;-)

vendredi 29 avril 2011

How it is made ...

I am reworking on my dresser. It is the very one that I have in my living / dining room.
I made a first try that you already saw but it was not so good so I have decided to redo it. And I wanted to show you how I work and how my furniture are made.
So here are a few pictures describing the process :

mardi 19 avril 2011

Back home !

Exhausted but happy, I am back home after 2 weeks abroad.
Some of you may be jalous (everyone knows how life can be unfair), but I have been lucky enough to go to the Tom Bishop's show in Chicago ;-)
I have met wonderful people such as Jim, Alan and Scott.
I had fun times with the few Frenchies that were there.

And now, let the show begin with pictures :

from Cinderella
from Jane Graber and the other kind lady who makes lovely baskets (I am sorry I don't remember her's name)

from Jim Pounder (so gifted, so humble)
from Lighting Bug

from ... I am so sorry ... I don't remember the name of this talented potter and I have thrown away the invoice ... If someone can help me to give him back his name, I would be thankful !

from Ray Storey (I love the way he calls all the women "Darling")

from RJT Miniatures (I wish I could have money enough to buy his tools ...)

from Scott's lighting (a wonderful person, I mean it !)
from Tiny Ceramics (lovely people)

from TYA Kitchen (just amazing kitchen's stuff !)

and finally from Ulus Miniatures
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